Gone Phishing

Recently I have been receiving a new found volume of fraudulent emails so I decided to write you while I have these fresh examples. The term ‘phishing’ has been around for quite a while. In my opinion ‘phishing’ is when a fake attempt to capture real information is cast into your sea of emails. Or a trap is anchored hidden in an ocean of websites. Read more →


I have not been much of a security guy in the past, but with new dangers around every corner I have been spending more time in the category. I was reading an article recently and I had one of those why didn’t I think of that? moments. Well to sum it up I had to update my wireless security because… Read more →

Caution! Dust Bunny Crossing

Many know that computers, not just desktops, can accumulate dust that can shorten the life of the internal components. When these bunnies move in they can put a coating on parts within the machine that are designed to dispurse heat. The coating of dust acts like insulation keeping the heat in and also preventing fans from lowering the temperature of… Read more →

Password Pondering

There are many rules about passwords that you may already know.  These rules are now often forced upon you when creating them (ex. “Your password must contain at least one number, capital letter, the name of a non-crayola color…”).   I don’t usually spend much of my time being paranoid about every aspect of computer security, but some recent research has… Read more →

Parental Control for Everyone

If you didn’t already know, Windows Vista has a built in Internet filter to block unwanted web garbage from the little one’s eyes.  I recommend turning this on and having a separate user on the computer for this age group.  You should put a password on the adult account and leave the filtered account limited and easy to access. The… Read more →

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